鄒增華八卦拳教學大綱 Zou Zenghua Bagua Boxing Teaching Outline


訓練內容:Training content:

八卦拳基本八掌   Bagua Quan basic eight stance

單換掌 Dan Huan Zhang 順勢掌  Shun Shi Zhang 蛇形掌  She Xing Zhang  雙換掌  Shuang Huan Zhang   扣掌  Kou Zhang  抱掌  Bao Zhang  合掌 He Zhang  回身掌  Hui Shen Zhang

1 站樁   Stand stance

Requirements:  Eight basic stances are accurate, and experience the internal strength in a static framework.

2.八卦拳行樁步法訓練  Bagua Fist walking Training

拖步、犁步、鶴行步、趟泥步  Drag Steps, Plow Steps, Crane Steps, Slide Steps


Requirement:  Gradually transition the internal strength generated in the static power training to the status quo of the line.

3.八卦拳走圈訓練  Bagua Fist walking circle training

Requirement: Keep the eight basic stances in the walking circle, flat steps and knee bend.


訓練內容:Training content:

八卦拳換掌八式 Bagua fist change eight style

八卦拳  Bagua fist 一掌勁  Yi Zhang Jin   封閉技術;defence skill

1. 在定步中,側身中鋒,兩臂直掌,前後一線,用前鋒手有效的化解對
方的上下左右拳腳的攻擊 In the set-up, sideways center, two arms straight forward, front and back, effective with the forward hand to resolve
The square up and down kicks the attack.


泥的特點。The change in the initial training can show that the Eight Bagua fists are twisted and turned, the rolling spiral forward  the flat steps, and the knees are bent.
The characteristics like walking on wet of the mud.


訓練內容 :Training content:

八卦拳技擊  Bagua fight         八卦散手 Bagua San Shou

1. 八卦拳散手訓練,靈活運用手打、掌抽、指戳、拳擊、肘頂、肩
靠、頭撞、胯打、膝沖、腳踢 等攻擊技   Bagua San Shou training, flexible use of hand, palm pumping, finger-pushing, boxing, elbow, shoulder
Attack techniques such as leaning, head hitting, beating, knee punching, kicking, etc.






2.八卦拳轉掌  Bagua walking Cirle
力。 Requirement: Strengthen the ability to attack and defend in offense and defense, and increase the impact of various body beats and fights force.


訓練內容:  Training content:

八卦拳技擊:Bagua Fight

八卦穿掌  Bagua Chuan Zhang

1. 八卦拳穿掌技術訓練: Bagua Chuan Zhang skill training:

單人穿、  single practice .     雙人對穿。double practice.

2.八卦拳八形 : Bagua Eight animal Shapes:

龍蛇虎馬 鳳鷹燕猴 。Dragon, Snake, Tiger ,Horse, Phoenix, Eagle ,Swallow ,Monkey.


  • 懂得八卦拳穿掌中各種生克變化,逐步學會走中穿、穿中拿、拿中打,打中走的八卦拳技擊特點。
  • Understand that all kinds of raw grams change in the palm of the hand, and gradually learn to walk in, wear, take, and hit, The hitting in walking characteristics of the Bagua boxing.。
  • 基本能掌握八卦八形中一形的動作要領和技擊要求。
  • Basically master the essentials one of the Bagua-eight animal shape and the technical requirements.


訓練內容:Training content:

八卦拳勁力: Bagua Power:

1. 八卦拳勁力訓練。Bagua Power training:


Learn to grow strong long and short power in martial arts through various specific exercises
The release of strength.


2.八卦拳器械的初級訓練。Primary training of the Bagua school  weapons.


  • 短勁:  速度快、時間短、力量足、力點硬,體現出冷、彈、脆、快、硬的風格特點。
  • fast, short, powerful, and hard, reflecting the cool, elastic, crisp, fast, and hard style.
  • 長勁,時間長、力量大、力點深透、勁力一波摧一波,連綿不斷,體現出長、透、摧、連綿的整勁特點。
  • Long-lasting, , powerful, deep-into, and powerful, one-stop, continuous, reflecting the characteristics of long, thorough, deflated, and continuous.
  • 學會八卦拳中各種器械的定勢走圈技術。
  • Learn how to walking in the fixed-loop technology of various weapons in the Bagua school.


訓練內容:Training content:

八卦拳步法  Bagua walk technology

1. 八卦拳攻防技術中步法的訓練。

The training of the footwork in the attack and defence technique of the Bagua combat


The primary routine of the Bagua school weapons in the circle.



Can initially use the various footwork in the Bagua school, and carry out the process of moving forward and backward, moving left and right, and walking around the circle to change the skill.



The above six training sessions are Bagua school Primary Kung Fu.


训练内容:Training content

1. 八卦拳盘手技巧。Bagua Pan Shou skill.


Use the Tui,Tuo, Dai, Ling; Bang, Kou, Lan, Jie of the eight methods, and carry out two-person offensive and defensive training in a fixed step and movement step.

2.八卦游身连环掌。Bagua You Shen Lian Huan Zhang.


  • 能初步掌握八卦拳中盘手的基本技术要求,能熟练的运用听劲来沾粘连随。
  • Can initially master the basic technical requirements of the eight – methods  in Bagua Pan Shou, can skillfully use the listening force in  link together.
  • 套路演练能明显的显示出八卦拳独特的风格特证.
  • Routine practices can clearly show the unique style of Baua school.


训练内容:Training content:

1. 八卦拳飞九宫训练。 Bagua Fly  nine palace training.

2.八卦拳器械。Bagua Weapons

  • 手穿、身旋、步进,上中下连成一气。
  • Hand attack, body rotation, stepping in, the upper middle and lower link into a line.
  • 手带身、身带步、步带手,每一动 手到、身到、步到,这样才能极大的发挥八卦拳的技击威力。
  • The hand bring your body, the body bring your step, The step bring your hand, step, hand, body, step,The three-in-one fusion, so that you can greatly exert the power of the Bagua.
  • 要求能熟练演练八卦拳器械中任何一种。
  • It is required to be able to skillfully exercise anyone of the Bagua weapons in Bagua school.


训练内容:Training content:

1. 八卦拳散手训练。Bagua San Shou training.
2.八卦拳套路。Bagua   Routine:

乌龙拳、 Wu Long Quan ,(Black Chinese dragon)黑虎拳、Hei Hu quan,  (Black Tiger )

银凤拳、Yin Feng Quang ,(silver Phoenix)  金猴拳。Jin Hou Quan. (Golden Monkey )


  • 能自然运用八卦拳穿掌、盘手技术进行踢打摔拿跌的综合技巧,能擅长八卦四拳中任何一套的演练。
  • Can naturally use the Bagua ChuanZhang,and the Bagua Pan Shou technique to play the kicking ,punching,  wrestling, lock the joints and  the falling in combat fighting.  can be practice good at any one of the Bagua four routines.


训练内容:Training content;

1. 八卦揉身功的训练,坐式、站式、行式。

Bagua Rou Shen Gong  of physical training, sitting,  standing, and walking.

2.八卦拳套路:   罗汉、降龙、伏虎、佛心拳

The Bagua Routines:  Luohan,  Jianglong, Fuhu,  Buddha Heart .

  • 全身关节都能松开,全身肌肉筋脉连成一片,尤其肩胛骨、脊椎、骨盆关节的松活,极大的扩大了身躯四肢的活动范围,进而能达到至刚至坚、大松大柔的上乘水平。
  • The whole body joints can be loosened, and the muscles and veins of the whole body are connected together, especially the looseness of the shoulder blades, the spine and the pelvis joints, which greatly expands the range of movement of the limbs and the body, and can achieve the highest level of strength and rigidity. and great big soft Level.
  • 能把身体的高超技能融入八卦套路的演练中,有龙游凤舞、出神入化之韵味。
  • The skill of the body can be integrated into the practice routines of the Bagua school, and there is a dragon and phoenix flying dance and a fascinating charm.


训练内容:Training content

八卦拳走圈 快走。Bagua walking circle fast step.


八卦拳诀中有 前脚未落,后脚已起 之言形容八卦走如旋风。清朝时,八卦高手走圈时脑后之辫可以拉直,这时的走圈要越走越快,脚掌沾地时间极短,两脚移动飞快。八卦技击中瞻之在前、忽焉在后、脱身化影、移形夺位 都需要在极快的步法中才能做到。

There is a forefoot in the bagua school was say not landing, and the hind foot has already begun to lifting. It describe the Bagua steps as a whirlwind. During the Qing Dynasty, when the Bagua master walked the circle, the braid of back of the head could be straightened. At this time, the circle should be faster and faster, the time of the soles of the feet was extremely short, and the feet moved quickly. Bagua fight tactics are in the forward, backward: left right change very quickly and incredible,the moving away, all need to be done in a very fast pace.



訓練內容:Training content

1. 八卦拳內修 打坐 自然盤坐(養精)。

Bagua inner repairs Meditation natural sitting. refining semen. (Jing)

2.八卦拳走圈 慢步。Bagua Walking  circle slowly  steps.


  • 兩腳移動極慢,兩腳不能同時沾地,一腳落地,一腳即起。要求極慢、極慢,全身放松,要求只有腳趾用勁。
  • The two feet move very slowly, the two feet can’t touch the ground at the same time, one foot falls, and one foot starts. The requirements are extremely slow, extremely slow, and the whole body is relaxed, requiring only the toes to work little hard.
  • 走圈時間要長,每次不小於一小時,二小時以上更好,時間越長,越走越松為內修之基。
  • The walking circle time must  longer, not less than one hour at a time, two hours or more is better, and the longer the time, the more relaxed it is for the foundation of internal power.


訓練內容:Training content:

1. 八卦拳走圈 慢走(重)。

Bagua walking circle slowly steps (heavy)
2.八卦拳內修 打坐 自然盤坐 單盤. 養氣。

Bagua inner repairs, meditation, natural sitting, single-Pan Zuo,  Nourishing  Qi



  • 八卦走圈時,人如置身淤泥、膠水之中,身體的每一處在移身動步時都有阻力方為入景。When the Bagua walking circle, people are placed in the mud and glue, and every part of the body has resistance when entering the body.
  • 單盤 自然打坐,兩手握固,心中什麽也不想。
  • Single or  Natural meditation, holding both hands, do not want anything in mind.


訓練內容:Training content

1. 八卦拳走圈 慢走(輕)。Bagua walking circle slowly (light as feather)
2.八卦拳內修 打坐 養神。Bagua school inner repairs,meditation, reposeful spirit.


  • 八卦走圈時,全身越走越輕,身體有一種輕飄欲飛的感覺。
  • When the Bagua circle walking, the whole body is getting lighter and lighter, and the body has a feeling of flying and flying.
  • 雙盤單盤打坐,兩手平疊。
  • Double or single  Zen -sitting meditation, two hands flat stacked together.


訓練內容:Training content:

1. 八卦拳走圈 慢走(空)。Bagua walking circle slowly. (The body has a feeling of void)

2.八卦拳內修 打坐 還虛。Bagua school inner training meditation. Still virtual。


  • 八卦走圈時間一長,周身都有從松透、暢通進入空無之感,這時走圈時間越長越好,越走越妙。切記,走圈時腦中什麽都不可想,功夫下久了,內景自然就有。
  • When the Bagua walking circle takes a long time, the whole body has a sense of looseness and smoothness, and the longer the circle is, the better it will be. Remember, when you walk, you can’t think of anything in your head. After a long time, the interior is natural.
  • 雙盤打坐,兩手相疊彎曲成圓拇指相接。
  • Double meditation, two hands folded into a round thumb.